clbuild on cygwin

Step 1: SBCL

Install SBCL using its Windows .msi installer.

Step 2: Cygwin and darcs

Since clbuild is a shell script, you need to install cygwin, even though SBCL itself does not depend on it.

Get it from cygwin.org. Make sure to select all packages that clbuild uses to download software. You will need at least cvs, subversion, and wget. In addition, you might want to install emacs (for slime) and X (for CLIM with the CLX backend).

[EDIT: Don't use emacs from cygwin, install the native Windows port of Emacs instead.--2007-06-24]

Not included with cygwin is darcs, but it has a cygwin port, so download it manually from darcs.net and add it to your $PATH.

Step 3: clbuild

Cygwin support is new in my clbuild tree, so until another clbuild hacker merges those changes, fetch it from:

$ darcs get http://www.lichteblau.com/blubba/clbuild

Step 4: Bleeding edge

ASDF as included with SBCL 1.0.3 does not work with clbuild, so you need to replace it with a version including my patch for Windows shortcut support.

Download asdf.lisp and asdf.fasl and copy them into the asdf/ subdirectory of your SBCL installation, replacing the original versions. (diff)

[EDIT: the asdf.fasl linked there isn't up-to-date anymore, but asdf.lisp and asdf.diff are still there, including some fixes. Drop them into your source tree and recompile SBCL. --2007-06-24]

Run clbuild

That's it. Now just run clbuild:

$ cd clbuild
clbuild$ chmod +x clbuild
clbuild$ ./clbuild build

To run CLIM applications using the CLX backend, start an X server first and set $DISPLAY accordingly. (It appears to be necessary to specify an IP address in $DISPLAY so that CLX does not attempt a unix domain socket connection.)

clbuild$ X&
clbuild$ export DISPLAY=
clbuild$ ./clbuild listener

Optional: Gtkairo

To try CLIM's gtkairo backend instead, download GTK+ from gimp-win.sf.net. (For some reason, the installer is wrapped in a zip file.)

Add the bin directory of that GTK+ installation to your PATH and configure clbuild to use gtkairo:

clbuild$ export PATH="/cygdrive/c/Programme/gtk-2.10/bin:$PATH"
clbuild$ export CLIM_BACKEND=gtkairo
clbuild$ ./clbuild listener

ObScreenshot of the listener.

(Expect to find some gtkairo/Windows repainting bugs though.)

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