clbuild FAQ

Since bloggers started covering clbuild (1,2), there has been a noticable surge of newbie questions.

To record answers to those questions, there is now a longer FAQ for clbuild, covering these topics:

  • How does clbuild differ from asdf-install?
  • My favourite application is not supported. How can I add it?
  • Why did you get rid of all tarball-only downloads?
  • It doesn't load my ~/.sbclrc!
  • "clbuild lisp" doesn't seem to use my monster.core!
  • Can I start the lisp with swank already preloaded?
  • Can I run emacs and slime without going through "clbuild slime"?
  • Is the "dependencies" file autogenerated?
  • The "dependencies" file is broken!
  • Why is clbuild written in shell? Lisp is so much better.
  • Does it work on cygwin?

Note the slime-related changes, which allow swank startup the way Bill is explaining it in his post, but without the workarounds.