clbuild has a new home

As Planet Lisp readers should already know, Luke Gorrie's clbuild has been evolving slowly in at least three different darcs repositories for the last few months.

Someone must have decided that it was time to give it a new home and created a shiny new clbuild project on common-lisp.net.

This completely empty project looked a little sad and lonely though, so I gave it a home page.

Hope you don't mind -- or if you do, you shouldn't have given me write access...


Luke Gorrie said...

Good man!

János said...

Probably not the best place, but could you please fix the symlinking process? Replacing the original 'ln.. ' lines with these works better for me (as in, every .asd is linked, and there's no *.asd in my systems dir):

for i in $(find . -type f -iname \*.asd |sed s/'\.\/'// | grep -v '\_darcs');do ln -f -s "$(pwd)/${i}" ${system_dir};done

This nets 58 links, instead of the 33 (32 without the broken *.asd link), under both bash and zsh.