clbuild FAQ

Since bloggers started covering clbuild (1,2), there has been a noticable surge of newbie questions.

To record answers to those questions, there is now a longer FAQ for clbuild, covering these topics:

  • How does clbuild differ from asdf-install?
  • My favourite application is not supported. How can I add it?
  • Why did you get rid of all tarball-only downloads?
  • It doesn't load my ~/.sbclrc!
  • "clbuild lisp" doesn't seem to use my monster.core!
  • Can I start the lisp with swank already preloaded?
  • Can I run emacs and slime without going through "clbuild slime"?
  • Is the "dependencies" file autogenerated?
  • The "dependencies" file is broken!
  • Why is clbuild written in shell? Lisp is so much better.
  • Does it work on cygwin?

Note the slime-related changes, which allow swank startup the way Bill is explaining it in his post, but without the workarounds.


sabra.crolleton said...

Is there still a maintainer? There have been a proposed additions (weblocks) and elephant has volunteered changes in order to meet clbuild complaints, but no response.

David Lichteblau said...


There are several maintainers (if you count people with commit access as maintainers), but I am not sure that they are all read the mailing list.

Perhaps some of them would be willing to commit patches if you asked them directly.

Keep in mind clbuild's history though: First there was Luke's repository, which is history now. Then there were Christophe's repository and my fork. Today there's the repository on common-lisp.net.

So clbuild users have dealt just fine with the fact that maintainers have come and gone.

If one of the people with uncommitted patches are willing to make their darcs repository publically available, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem for them to "take over".